How do I get to your Store?

We are located:
457a King Street, Newtown, 2042,
New South Wales, Australia.

If you are coming from Newtown train station, when you leave the station you turn left and walk down King street towards St. Peters, our building is musk stick pink, so it is easy to find!

Map of 457 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

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What are your trading hours?

The studio’s hours of operation are:

Makeup bookings are available inside and outside of trading hours, however bookings are generally by appointment only. Due to the nature of our work, we are often in makeup appointments or out on location, so it is always best to call the shop 0430 416 660 before coming in to avoid disappointment. Where possible we will always try to post out availability on out Facebook page, so for current up to date information please like our page The Makeup Wardrobe.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping to New South Wales is $5.95 and everywhere else in Australia is a flatrate of $8 for orders up to 1kg in weight. Id your order is over $50, your shipping is free.


Do you do ‘normal’ makeup?

Yes! We do! This one always makes me laugh, but it is important to address. Although a lot of our pictures and posts are of outrageous and flamboyant makeovers, we also create amazing subtle ‘natural glamour’ looks as well. In fact, most of our regular editorial and photographic work is all ‘normal’, it just doesn’t get as many ‘likes’ on Facebook, lol- don’t worry, you won’t all end up with sequinned eyebrows.

Can you do hair?

Yes, we can do styling. If you are after soft curls or a character up style we can help you out, although we are also happy to recommend some amazing local hair salons if you’d like the royal treatment, such as our good friends at Doppelganger Hair in Newtown. If you’re talking wigs, we are all over it, lace front or otherwise:)

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

For one on one bookings, no, we do not, although we ask for our clients to be considerate of our time and if you know you can’t make it or have had a change of mind to let us know 48hrs beforehand (where possible), so that we may fill the time slot with other appointments.

For group bookings and events yes, there is a cancellation fee. Once your booking is finalised a holding deposit will be required and in most cases this will act as the cancellation fee if the event of booking is cancelled, and is otherwise deducted from the total amount owing once the job is completed. This is to cover loss of other potential bookings that could have been allocated in that time and also to cover any work, products or staff that may have already been allocated to your event. The holding deposit/cancellation fee amount will vary on each job (as the requirements for each job are very different, such as a wedding versus a product launch) and will be discussed at the
time of the booking.

How should I prepare for body painting?

It really depends on the nature of the artwork, however for most things :

a) Make sure you have exfoliated the day before, this will help with taking the paint off afterwards and it will create a smoother more adherent result.

b) The less hair the better the result. However for our fury friends, it is still possible to create a beautiful design if shaving or waxing is not on your agenda, although I would maybe suggest picking a design that doesn’t require a lot of detail or fine line work. If you are going to wax or shave do it a day before hand.

c) If you are going straight to your event, make sure you organise your ‘ride’. If you are getting someone to pick you up or you are driving yourself, make sure you bring a towel or covering for the car seat-just in case. Although there are many cabs around, not all of them will stop for a giant leopard etc., so it may be wise to book in advance.

Will it stay on?

There are special sealants, setting powders and primers that we use to ensure the longevity of your body art and make it water resistant. However, we cannot guarantee that if you are still out at 6am in the morning, dancing your heart out that your body art will be too-there is a good chance your arm pits will not stay blue. In most cases the makeup always lasts for the event, it is the afterhour’s stuff that sometimes puts it to the test, lol.

How do I get it off?

I normally suggest taking a shower and then if possible soak in a bath. Make sure you have a body scrub, an old loufre and an old towel for round 1, and some bath salts and body moisturiser for round 2.

How do I prepare for FX makeup?

Make sure your skin is exfoliated and moisturised, if you are hairy, clean shaven works best, otherwise we will design around your beard. When it comes time to take your prosthetic or FX makeup off, you will have been given printed instructions by your makeup artist on how to do this and in some circumstances the correct remover. Please don’t just rip your appliance or makeup off your skin, the glue in some instances is very strong and it could leave you skin very irritated and raw if done incorrectly.

How do I prepare for regular makeup?

For best results, exfoliate and moisturise the night before, and moisturize again just prior to your consultation. We will use moisturiser and primer and illuminator on you also to prep your skin for makeup, having your skin well moisturised means your skin won’t be thirsty and it won’t absorb as much of your makeup, which means it will last longer and keep your skin cleaner. Exfoliating will help keep your makeup looking ‘fresh’ and will discourage wrinkles and line. If you require any waxing or facial treatment, a good rule of thumb in to wax 2 days prior and any facials or treatment should happen one or two weeks prior.

How long will it take?

Every makeup application will be different, but generally for regular makeup put aside 40min to an hour and for FX or body painting it is really a case by case scenario, so ask your artist prior to your booking.

Can I bring my own false lashes?

Unfortunately, for a hygiene reason we cannot apply lashes that have been used before. If you’re lashes are fresh from the box we can apply them for you, but a lash application fee of $10 is required. If you purchase lashes from The Makeup Wardrobe, application is included with the purchase.

Other Questions? 

Please email us at info@themakeupwardrobe.com